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1-Can I create more than one membership?
• Only one membership can be created with the same mail.

2-Can I buy a single product?
• Our products are sold in series. Series consist of three or four products.

3-Can it be a member from all countries?
• Our site is open to all countries, you can become a member from anywhere and place your order.

4-Can others access my personal information that I provided while creating membership?
• Your membership and personal information cannot be shared with other members and third parties without your consent. You can review your rights in more detail in the Membership Agreement and Privacy Policy.

5-Can I order without being a member?
• You must be a member to order. You must fill the membership form to become a member.

6-With which cargo are the products sent?
• You can send our products with the shipping company you want.

7-How can I track my cargo?
• After your order is delivered to cargo, we call and inform our customers, and share the vouchers with which you can track your shipments as photos via Whatsapp and e-mail address.

8-I forgot my password, what can I do?
• While logging in, click the I Forgot My Password link just below the password field. Or click the I Forgot My Password link from the menu at the bottom of the site. Your password will be sent to your e-mail address.

9-How can I get my membership approved?
• Users who fill out the membership form are contacted by our customer representatives and their membership is approved.