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Sales Agreement


1-We ask you to use your return request and choose your product with within seven business days following the size of your order.

2-You need to give feedback to NewColor for incoming forwarding.

3-Reported returns exceeding seven business days will not be accepted. We will send your size a confirmation email.

4-With the return editor product, along with the original invoice, the package is undamaged, unused, not damaged as a result of usage error, you need to return it by specifying the order number.

5-The product's box, packaging, and standard accessories, if any, must be contained in the package returned to us without any damage.

6-After confirmation of the refund, you can inform you by e-mail.


1-In any shopping you make from NewColor, you can request a requirement change as the size of the product dimensions do not match.

2-Different size of the relevant user must be available in our stocks.

3-You can also return the product by performing the specified tracking specified between seven days from the time you receive it. Please return to for the return, please indicate what the problem is in your mail and your order number.


1-When your order is delivered, you should open your package accompanied by the cargo officer, check the product, and if there is a problem for you, keep a record and send the package back to NewColor.

2-Do not damage the original packaging, destroyed, it is important from any use.

3-Customer, shipping fee for product distribution.

4-Refund is not accepted in single use environment.

5-The consumer / buyer accepts, declares and undertakes that he has read and understood the return conditions.